About the Artist


Phyllis H. Burns, a native of Chatham County, North Carolina, grew up on the small self-sufficient farms of her grandparents.  She was exposed to nature in ways few people see today.  Her love for animals and plants influenced her art and her desire to show the public the beauty of what we take for granted.

The old white farmhouse that has been in the Burns family for generations is where she and her husband raised their three children.  Phyllis was educated as a veterinary technician and spent her early years as a housewife and mother.  Later she worked as an apprentice at Stone Crow Pottery.  Her interest in painting, always in the background, finally surfaced.  She left her job as a potter; began studying on her own and taking workshops.

Phyllis H. Burns became a Signature Member of Watercolor Society of North Carolina (WSNC) in 2015.


Artist Education

Apprentice/Potter at Stone Crow Pottery 1980-92, 1993-94.
Hand built pots,
creative design.
Primarily self-taught painter  and started in oils. I became interested in watercolors in 1980.

Since that time I have studied under the following artists:

Rebecca Patman 1980

Betty Gallup  1983-84

Rolan Roycraft 1992

Kathleen Jardin 1997

Don Andrews 1997

Jean Grastorf 1998

Joe Fettingis 1998

Christopher Shink  1999

Skip Lawrence 1999

Joe Fettingis 2000

Judi Betts 2001

Peggy Flora Zalucha 2002

Tom Hubert 2002

Tom Hubert 2003

Frank Webb 2004

Alexis Lavine 2006

Alice Zhao 2008

Paul Jackson 2011

Signature Member of WSNC 2015

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